Troubleshooting Landscape Lighting

23 February 2017
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Illuminating your landscape increases curb appeal, enhances your decor, and adds safety by lighting walkways, patios, decks, and gardens. Because landscape lights are present all year round, they must withstand a variety of weather conditions, including hail, rain and snow. This fact means that you may experience lighting issues when the bulbs, fixtures, or wires fail. Some issues you can troubleshoot on your own, while others are best left to a professional landscape specialist. Read More 

Tips for Managing a Bamboo Hedge

10 January 2017
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Bamboo shows up in many residential landscapes because growing it is a quick way to provide a living privacy screen or to cover a less than ideal feature in the yard. The reedy plant has also earned a bad name for itself, with many considering it an invasive that will take over your and all of your neighbor's yards if left unchecked. Fortunately, this reputation is only partially true. As the following tips show, there are some ways to enjoy bamboo while preventing its invasive habits. Read More 

Creating A Mountain Out Of A Molehill: How Sodding Service Helps

8 December 2016
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While it may not actually be a molehill you want to raise up into a mountain, if you want to build up an area of dirt into a very large hill, a sodding service in your area can help. It may take some time, but if road construction crews can do it, so can you. Here is what this process looks like. Adding Nutrient-Rich Soil to the Small Hill Purchase a ton or more of nutrient-rich soil. Read More 

Mistakes That Are Easy To Make When Cutting Down Your Own Trees

29 September 2016
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If you've decided that some of the trees in your yard need to be removed, you might plan to go ahead with doing the work yourself. While getting the right safety gear is key, so too is understanding the tasks before you. It's ideal to have some experience with cutting down trees before you tackle the job on your property, given the risk of making an error that leads to an injury or property damage. Read More 

Getting The Most From Your Home’s Landscaping

2 September 2016
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Ensuring that your yard is kept in great condition is important to protect the value of your property while keeping it as inviting as possible to guests. For those that have only recently purchased a home with a yard, it can be easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed by caring for the landscaping. If this is a homeownership responsibility that you are struggling with, you may want to follow these simple tips to avoid problems. Read More